Friday, January 21, 2011

So, what site did I just click to?

Yep - you just found yourself on the webpage that explores the wild world of a public school teacher (politically incorrect version).  Having a business degree and not an educational degree, well, that might influence my blogs just a bit!  Many know that there are some old school methods to public schools and some schools are just all around crappy in some departments.  Yes, I said crappy and I pretty much mean it.  For the sake of getting in trouble, all my stories will be true experiences with different names as I am a teacher and don't exactly have the money to deal with getting sued.  My blogs will be all over the place with topics.  As a teacher, I have many different experiences throughout my day...dealing with student, parents, and co-workers.  Hope you enjoy my posts...and remember, regardless of what I disclose here, I truly love my job because no matter what, I love my students and think they are all goods kids (yes, even the annoying ones).

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