Friday, January 21, 2011

You are hired!

After deciding that the corporate life doesn't match with my lifestyle, I quickly looked into what needed to happen to become a teacher.  It was currently March and I knew I had only a few months to get my game on with getting a license and sending out apps.  Luckily, the state that I lived in was pretty darn easy to change careers (let's not judge whether that is a good or bad thing here).  Since I had 30+ college credits in business, I was able to receive a "Statement of Eligibility" which allowed me to be hired without an official teacher license.  How sweet is that?  Cost me just about $150 bucks and done deal!

Once I received my statement, I started applying to a few local high schools in my area.  I was actually pumped to have received multiple phone calls for interviews...I was 23 at the time and had zero experience in teaching (I did coach and had worked at local summer camps but that was it).  After a few interviews, I seemed to get the popular "You seem great but you lack experience" phone call.  Time was flying and it was soon to be August...sooo ya, I thought I was pretty close to being screwed since I had already left my corporate job (I left my job in June so that I could go back to having a fun "college" summer by being a camp counselor).

Luckily, I found one more high school that was looking for a business teacher, so of course I applied and shortly was asked for an interview.  I remember walking into the building and thinking how crappy the building looked.  The outside looked decent but when you walked in, it was like a time warp.  Yuck.  A job is a job right?  I remember waiting to be interviewed and seeing one of the other candidates leave the interview...some 40ish year old man in a business suit.  I totally remember thinking, "Psh, I got that old man beat."  Yep, that thought lasted for about 10 minutes.  I walked into the interview and distinctly remember being asked a question by one of the deans, to only have the dean go "Mhmm" and look down at her, she was not writing anything, just staring awkwardly down.  Alrightyy then, apparently I suck.  I had actually thought that I was providing her with a good response to her question but she was totally not for it.  I was asked a few other questions but overall, I left feeling like I bombed it.

Somehow, whether it was out of desperation or maybe I gave a better interview than I thought, but either way - I got the job (yes, I am pretty sure I jumped up and down with excitement after receiving that phone call).  I was totally pumped because it was now the first week in August so if I didn't get this job, I was screwed.  Now, I was able to relax for the last few weeks of my summer before starting my new career! Ohh yaaa

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